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Monday, August 31, 2009

Box Squat Critique

Here's the first installments of critiques on my box squat performance today. It seems I've got a bit to work on.

  • bring your hamstrings up. they're weak and that's why you're dropping on to the box.
  • on most of those reps, you didn't release your hips.
  • don't groove rock, ever. you groove rock every rep.
  • point your toes more forwards. it uses more hamstring & glutes.
  • push your knees out.
  • explode up. don't "swing" the weight up.
  • sit back more. shins past perpendicular. try to touch your balls to the box.
  • use heavier weight. raw speed work is usually 60% - 70%
  • descend faster.
  • depth looks fine.

Thanks to those who responded to my request for pointers. I'll do my best to rectify the problems.


1 comment:

McLIfter said...

The problem with pointing your toes forward ala the WSB boyz style is that your hips get locked and it is difficult to reach the depth necessary for a CPU/IPF legal squat. That is the reason for flaring the toes. These are my observations for myself over the years. Keep in mind that everyone is different and may have differing flexibility. We are built the same and have similar leverages.

So, experiment and videotape and see what you find out. Good Luck Birthday boy.