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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nova Scotia Provincials

What a crazy meet. This was the biggest powerlifting competition I've ever been at and was by far the oddest. The night before was the Annual General Meeting. I ended the evening being nominated for Nova Scotia Powerlifting President (which I was out voted on, thank God) and left as the new secretary.
I decided to camp instead of stay at a hotel, the cost difference was huge. I have a tent trailer with everything in it so I wasn't really roughing it. After the meeting I had just enough time to chuck two hot dogs down my throat before it was bed time. Did I mention that them meet was being held 50Km from Cape Breton Island. So, miles from any serious civilization. My alarm didn't go off in the morning and I had 45 minutes to get up, showered, bank machine (for CPU membership), and drive 15km to the venue for weigh-ins and equipment check.
I weighed in at a swelt 133.4kg then It was off to breakfast. 3 Tim Hortons B.E.L.T.s and an XL double double and I'm ready to go. With 50 lifters we had 4 flights, I was in a flight of 8 so things went fast. I won't go into details about my lifts, I'll post my video later. Here's how things went.

Squats - 265kg (miss), 265kg (miss), 265kg (good lift, but blew a blood vessel in my nose)
Bench Press - 180kg (good lift), 190kg (good lift), 195kg (miss).
Deadlift - 250kg (good lift), 260kg (miss), 260kg (miss).
Total - 705kg.

To sum up; a 15kg PB in the squat, equalled PB in the Bench, a sucky deadlift, and a 5kg PB Total. I have mixed feelings about the day.


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McLifter said...

Hey buddy you had another meet under your belt after moving 1/2 way across the country, injury, surgery and the birth of your fourth child (I think)! I think you did alright and you did improve so chalk up the missed lifts to experience. Analyze what you need to work on and keep on having fun.