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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 19 12 May 09

A great day of deadlifting with the boys at the Greenwood Powerhouse.

Raw Deadlifts (sumo) - 60kg/6 reps, 100kg/6 reps, 140kg/3 reps, 180kg/2 reps.
Raw Deadlifts (conv) - 200kg/1 rep, 220kg/1 rep, 240kg/1 rep.

Gear Deadlifts (sumo)(Titan Superior) - 240kg/1 rep, 260kg/miss, 260kg/1 rep.

I missed on the first 260kg because I didn't talc my legs. The training partners said they could hear the bar scraping over my knees. Almost near my maxes. Should make for a great competition.
Tomorrow I'll be benching. I hope my elbows feel better.


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