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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday 28 Dec 2008 Bench Press

Since my schedule is screwed up this week I've decided to do bench a bit early. Another great work out. Here it goes.

Warm Up - 10 minutes Arc Trainer.
Dips - 3 sets/6 reps/all me.
Lat Pull Downs - 3 sets/8 reps/210lbs.
Flat Bench Press - 135lbs/12 reps, 225lbs/6 reps, 275lbs/4 reps, 295lbs/1 rep.
2 Board Bench Press - 275lbs/6 reps, 275lbs/5 reps, 295lbs/4 reps, 295lbs/3 reps, 315lbs/2 reps, 315lbs/1 rep.
Supported Rows - 135lbs/8 reps, 180lbs/8 reps, 180lbs/8 reps.
Seated Machine Shoulder Press - 165lbs/8 reps, 175lbs/8 reps.

Core Work
Trunk Twists 18lbs bar - 40 reps.
Swiss Ball Sit Ups - 3 sets, 15 reps.
Trunk Twists 18lbs bar - 40 reps.

Everything felt really good. The board work was near max and my abs are quite sore right now. Tomorrow is off then deadlift work sometime before next week end. This is a very busy week for me so I'm trying to keep my schedule open.


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