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Monday, October 15, 2007

Day 10 of 24

After my less than stellar deadlifts on Saturday I decided to torture myself. Next time I'll think twice before missing my lifts.

Squats - (w/u), 3 sets/4 reps/325lbs, 2 sets/4 reps/335lbs, 1 set/4 reps/365lbs.
Bench Press - (w/u), 8 sets/3 reps/235lbs.
Deadlifts - (all singles) 3 sets/425lbs, 3 sets/445lbs, 3 sets/455lbs, 3 sets/475lbs.

My squats felt good even after performing a PB on Saturday. The bench felt very solid and I'm sure my raw bench will be up over 315lbs before the competition. The deadlifts felt solid. The only one that felt heavy was the last one.
This is my last week of volume training so I'd better make it a good week. Right now as I sit on my couch my hips feel the pain. It feels great!!! Tomorrow is off then I'm back to the dungeon for some more torture on Wednesday.

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