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Sunday, February 21, 2016

2016 Canadian Powerlifting Union Nationals

What a week! This is the first time I have spent the full week at Nationals. There was so much that happened it would take a novel to write all about it. Here are a few of the highlights

  • I left on Sunday. It was a 6 hour drive to Regina. The roads were good considering the time of year. I had classic Dio, Scorpions, Black Sabbath, and Judas Priest playing in my van so it was a very enjoyable trip.
  • At 1900hrs I checked into the hotel. The room they put me in didn't have a microwave or fridge so I went back down to the desk to complain. They moved me to a better room. I have lots of negative things to say about the hotel but with so much positive happening it is hard to dwell on the bad stuff.
  • Monday was an early start as I had to attend the CPU executive annual general meeting. What an amazing experience. Lots learned.
  • Monday evening I wrote the exam to become a National level Official. Life has been very busy lately and I didn't have much time to study. Unfortunately I failed. I achieved 85% when I required 90%. I am not upset about it because as the week went on I realized that there is much I don't know about officiating at a National level and I need more experience.
  • Tuesday was a day off. I did however pick up Krista, a fellow Bencher from Manitoba, from the airport. We spent the afternoon watching the competition.
  • Wednesday afternoon was when the action started. The first of two events was the Equipped Bench Only. I opened with 230kg. It felt heavy but I got three white lights. The second attempt the handoff was way too far out over my stomach. As I pull it back over my chest the right side spotter grabbed the bar and threw me off balance. I racked the weight right away with out injury. In the confusion I decided to take the weight with 20 seconds left on the clock. My second attempt 0f 232.5kg was a miss. Before my third attempt Brock Haywood, the man that got me started in powerliftng, told me to stay tight and be patient with the weight. I did just that and got 232.5kg. A 5kg personal best lift.
  • Thursday was another day off spent watching some of the best lifter in the country, if not the world.
  • Friday was an early start for weigh-ins for Classic Three Lift Master1. Another great day of lifting. I went 8 for 9 on attempts. Squat 210/220/227.5kg, Bench Press 160/165/167.5kg, and Deadlift 250/265kg/PASS. I gave everything I had in pulling 265kg. The highlight of my competition was the 501lbs squat. I had a 7.5kg PB on the Squat, a 2.5kg PB on the Bench, and a 2.5kg PB on the Total. 660kg Total.
Saturday was spent running numbers for a fellow Manitoba lifter in the 120kg Open Class. It was a great day which ended with the first CPU Social Party. A great way to finish a week of fun.


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