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Monday, September 28, 2015

17 Wing Post Meet Report

After every MPA competition I enjoy reading about the action. Brock Haywood has a talent for telling a tale that I, unfortunately, do not have. This time Brock is unavailable to write the post-competition report so I must stand in and try my best. So, here it goes…

Meet directors for the 2015 17 Wing Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships where Krista Vandewaeter and yours truly. Krista really went above and beyond by approaching sponsors Popeyes, Gorilla Jacks, and Muscles by Meyers. Furthermore, when I was detained with work the night before the competition, she began the monumental task of setting up. She recruited some of the local gym goers to move the heavy stuff. When I showed up 30 minutes late most of the competition equipment was moved from the dungeon to the theater. Thank you Krista!

The morning of the competition was not without incident. The plan fell through for the venue to open at 0745hrs and all the competitors had an informal “meet and greet” at the front door of building 90. Weigh-ins began @ 0835hrs. A little late, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of the lifters. Once the weigh-ins finished we finished the fine tuning of setting up and Kathy Snow, Rob Waller, and Sarah Fonseca began entering the data. Our head table was in good hands with this trio. On the platform judging we had Brock Haywood, his better half Susan Haywood, and the famous (infamous) Bruce Markham. Spotting and plate loading was the responsibility of Al Bugden, Ace Gervacio, and the ever active Kurtis Tallaire. Thanks to the spotters there were no incidents and all the lifters finished the competition without injury.

Thank you to all the volunteers who, with out them, there would be no competition. I must complement all the lifters at the 17 Wing meet. Everyone showed awesome form and technique. Everyone showed they were there to compete.

Well done! Manitoba Powerlifting is bigger and better than ever!!!

The following is the link to 17 Wing Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships results


Robert Snow
17 Wing Powerlifting Competition meet director
MPA Vice President

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