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Monday, June 22, 2015

2015 Portage Strength Classic

Last Saturday I competed for the first time in over a year. This was also my first competition back in Manitoba since February 2008. It is great being back. Not my best competition but it was pretty good.

Squat - 190/200/205kg miss.
Bench Press - 155/160/165kg.
Deadlift - 240/250/262.5kg miss.
Total - 615kg.

I am pleased that I finished the squats with out insident. I equalled my competition pb in the bench press. My final deadlift was silly and I should have gone 257.5kg and I would have gotten a good lift. I did squats with a wide grip and it felt alright. Discussing with a friend of mine I have concluded that because I cannot train with a wide grip it doesn't make sense to compete with a wide grip. I will however continue to grasp the bar with my pinky finger under the bar to relieve pressure from my elbows. The bench press equals my competition best but felt much better than any other competition bench to date. The deadlifts were solid and my form didn't break. All in all a well thought out and planned meet.


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