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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Bench Press

Really enjoyed Bench training yesterday. I had as much time as I needed so I took my time and concentrated on everything that needed to be done. The numbers showed this.

Warm Up
Leg Swings and Lots of Stretching.
Bench Press - 75kg/12 reps, 75kg/3 reps (dynamic), 125kg/8 reps, 125kg/3 reps (dynamic), 145kg/4 reps, 145kg/1 rep (dynamic).

Power Phase
Bench Press - 150kg/1 rep, 150kg/1 rep, 155kg/1 rep, 160kg/1 rep, 165kg/1 rep, 165kg/1 rep.

Pump Phase
Bench Press (+light bands) - 6 sets/6 reps/110kg + light bands.

Upper Back
Bent Over Barbell Rows - 4 sets/8 reps/135, 225, 225, 225lbs.

A great work out. Hopefully future training works this well.


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