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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Years Resolution and Reflection

Here were some of my goals for 2013.
  • I want to push myself harder than ever before. I will continue to follow the Doug Hepburn routine with some slight modifications (read about training in my blog to see the mods). I have no doubt that I will... Squat 500lbs, Bench Press 400lbs, Deadlift 600lbs. Of course classic, no gear.
  • I will continue to be the voice of Powerlifting. Right now I'm geared up for the OptiMYz meet in three weeks. I want Powerlifting to gain popularity and will work towards that.
  • I will continue to train the kids from the Center 24/7 and act as president of the 14 Wing Powerhouse.
  • I would like to get my body weight down to 275lbs but continue to get stronger.
2013 was just an average year as far as lifting goes. In my personal and professional life 2013 was very good.
  • Training went well but due to several injuries I had trouble maintaining training momentum. I am pleased with my Bench Press.
  • After the OptiMYz competition early 2013 I was left with mixed emotions regarding competitive Powerlifting and the organization in which I lift. I have since gotten over this disappointment and moved on. Human nature will be what it is and I can't hold others to my high standards. It usually leads to disappointment.
  • I continue to train the kids from Center 24/7. This year we have some serious lifters with some great numbers.
  • My weight loss stopped at about 300lbs. The good part is I am maintaining this weight with little to no dieting.
  • My relationship with my wife in 2013 was the best ever. The longer we are married to better we understand each other. This is the high point for my 2013.
  • I became a Provincial level referee.
  • I travelled to the Eastern Canadians (Sydney NS). Not my strongest meet but I did pretty good.
Here are a few goals for 2014.
  • With the current change to the Military annual PT test I do not have to stop Powerlifting to pass. My training this year will go uninterrupted. Hopefully.
  • I have included support work with the Doug Hepburn "B" routine. It is really working well. I will maintain this style of training and try to make a training video to explain my training program.
  • The 2014 OptiMYz meet was cancelled. Oh well, it was good while it lasted. OptiMYz wanted to go in the Crossfit direction.
  • The 2014 Nationals is in Ontario and I am planning on attending. I have some big goals for this meet. So far so good.
  • I found out late 2013 that I am promoted. This includes a posting. Currently we understand we are going to Ottawa this summer. This will make my year completely uncharted.
I am not going to make too many plans for this year as I don't really know what is going to happen. I will continue to train hard and smart.


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