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Saturday, July 21, 2012

You Might Be A Powerlifter If...

I borrowed this from another web site because it's funny and true.

You might be a powerlifter if…

• You check squat depth when using the john.

• You think baby powder on your thighs and chalk on your hands looks cool.

• You psych up before lifting your laundry basket off the floor.

• Most people in the gym don’t like you.

• You are NOT at a powerlifting gym when during your leg routine, you have all the 45’s in the gym on your own bar and a bunch of guys are watching you waiting for you to share.

• You dismount the toilet like doing box squats (to perfect that explosive power).

• You can’t count above 5 but can multiply by 45 in your head.

• When the word “gear” refers to squat suits, bench shirts, wraps, belts, suit slippers, salts and chalk, not STEROIDS.

• When the amount of weight you lift is more important than how cleanly shaven your legs are or how dark your tan is.

• When the gym owner kicks you out for bending yet another bar while squatting.

• You think a 16 oz. steak is a snack to have between meals.

• It takes 5 seconds for your spirit to re-enter your body after deadlifting.

• You think that creatine is a food group.

• You have baby powder in your gym bag.

• You take your weight belt off in between sets or while going to the water fountain or restroom.

• You develop “white lung” from the chalk and baby powder.

• You use the handicap stall at a public restroom for the use of the handrails on leg day.

• You are annoyed by someone using the power rack for curls, even when the gym is empty.

• The greeting “Good Morning” makes your hamstrings and lower back ache.

• You think of helping your neighbors move their piano as “a set”.

• You drop something, and go into a sumo stance to pick it up.

• You get accused by bodybuilders of taking steroids because you’re stronger than they are.

• You have ever used a Home Depot card to purchase “training equipment”.

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