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Monday, October 24, 2011

Speed Bench Press Day 19 of 21

As you can clearly see I skipped day 18 of 21, Band Deadlifts. The end of last week was crazy busy and I decided to get some much needed sleep instead of burning myself out in the gym. I'm glad I did take the break. Tonight's work out was insane!!! Easily the best / strongest bench work out I've ever had. I am ready for this competition!!!

Warm Up
Stationary Bike - 7 minutes (level 6).
Bench Press - 2 sets/12 reps/135lbs, 1 sets/10 reps/205lbs.

Working Sets
Bench Press - 5 sets/3 reps/255lbs, 5 sets/3 reps/275lbs, 2 sets/3 reps/290lbs.
*3 minutes rest after each set*

Extra Stuff
Bent Over Dumbbell Rows - 4 sets/8 reps per side/82.5lbs.
High Cable Biceps Curls to Face - 4 sets/12 reps/25lbs.
Cable Triceps Extensions - 4 sets/12 reps/25lbs.

Every rep in every set was dynamic. Right now I'm very pumped. Tomorrow I'm getting together with a member of the Powerhouse to work squats. Should be a fun morning.


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