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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Last Bench Work Out

Saturday was my last heavy bench work out before Nationals. I know what my opener is going to be and I'm sure I'm going to roast it, even if it is a huge PB. The last heavy bench work out was all about holding some bigger weights in my hands.

Spent the first few hours spotting and plate loading for the boys.

Bench Press - warm ups, up to 140kg for 1 rep. Put on Titan Fury sz 50. 180kg/2 board/1 rep, 220kg/2 board/1 rep, 250kg/2 board/1 rep.

The 250kg felt really heavy and of course it should. Now come April 11th when I bench 240kg+ on my third attempt it won't be so much of a surprise. I will be wearing my Titan F6 sz 52 for this competition. I may throw on the Fury sz 50 for the Nova Scotia Provincials on May 29th.


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