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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 21 of 24 Deadlift Blues

My deadlift has failed me yet again. Last night I planned on hitting my opener twice then calling it a night. I managed 220kg raw with no problem and even had some compliments on my technique. I went up to 240kg, which I thought my opener would be, then stalled at my knees. I tried my suit one last time and had trouble locking out with the same 240kg. Since discretion is the better part of valour I'll drop my deadlift opener to the almost embarrassing 220kg to make sure I don't bomb.
On a brighter note my squat and bench press seem to be up. This next week I'll get more comfortable with my squat opener 260kg and decide if I'm going to open with 200kg or 210kg in the bench. So far it's looking like this.

  • Squat - 260kg
  • Bench Press - 200kg
  • Deadlift - 220kg
  • Total 680kg

I believe this is my highest opening total so far, even if my deadlift is way down.


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