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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Heavy Squats

I'm still gaining experience with the gear. Today was a total learning experience and I've made several conclusions.

Suit - Titan Centurion NXG+ Super sz 52 (a bit loose)
Wraps - Knee Wraps APT Convicts (velcro for ease of use)

Squats - warm ups, 405lbs/1 rep (wraps), 495lbs/2 reps (suit & wraps), 515lbs/3 reps (suit & wraps), 545lbs/1 rep (suit & wraps).

Once again the Sanctum was hot and humid. There isn't a dry spot on my shirt. Not one of the reps in my suit was to depth but they were all easy. Here's what I have concluded.

  • I need lots of work on heavy walk outs. My set up needs to be more natural. I wasting too much energy setting up.
  • Working in full gear will give my the experience I need. It only makes sense.
  • A good set up and speed will bring me to an easy 600lbs squat.

Not too shabby today. I'm pleased with everything.


1 comment:

McLifter said...

Snowdaddy, on your first set with 495 you were looking down from the start and that lead to your forward lean. Leaning forward = a high squat.

The second set at 515 looked good and solid. You were moving the weight easily and were solid in your set up and more upright therefore you were deeper than the first set. Not quite at parallel yet but better. Try dropping your pin height for your heavier sets. I have found this helps since there is a fair bit of compression that takes place when you approach your max weights.

Set three with 545 looked good for strength once you were set up. You already identified that you need to work on heavy walkouts, this will address this problem. Remember to sit back into the suit to allow it to work for you.

May I suggest that you invest in a decent pair of Squat shoes or Olympic lifting shoes. It will give you noticeably more support when you handle the weights. Much better for your feet and in turn it helps give you a solid base from which to lift from. Try this link http://www.weightliftingshoes.ca/
for some really affordable and decent lifting shoes. He is here in Winnipeg and you will notice a lot of CPU lifters have purchased and used this product. I bought a pair last fall and they have helped the squat tremendously.

GOOD WORK SNOWDADDY!! Keep on with your solid efforts and the weights will continue to go up.